No, your brain didn’t break, and you have not been shifted into an alternate reality. There were some “unanswered questions” in the original story structure, so I decided that we should really cover those items, formally. You know, as opposed to an “optional” bonus comic. Now, this doesn’t mean there won’t be bonuses. But I’m thinking of doing something more “attainable” like what we did with Kawaii Neko Daigaku and giving it a “pulp” flair. As for this chapter, it’s now “Mandatory Canon™”, and will probably clear up some stuff, as well as pave the way for another “bonus” comic that is actually, y’know… a bonus. lol

Anyway, what happened to Clara? Why did she suddenly vanish without a word after Chapter 4? And what led up to that mess? And also, does Alan even still go to college??? Maybe these questions will be answered, maybe not in our latest unconventional installment: “Hokum Pocus”!


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