Oh ho.

Bear hits all the right spots as this bizarre sexcapade continues!

Be sure to follow my Plexstorm stream so you can be updated on the return of “Up Late with Mace” in VLog format! In an effort to bring more content to Patrons, during the week after broadcast, I will make the VODs available exclusively to Patrons. Additionally, we are examining using Pornhub or X-Video to storehouse our VODs for our free customers. Plexstorm themselves do not currently store VODs after an update mishap permanently disabled the feature. So until then, we are making due with the options available. But this is important as I am brokering a deal with MangaGamer, and they specialize in H and Ero visual novels and RPGs that are a cut above most that are localized. Between reviews, I will continue my “Long Plays” of “Sacred Sword Princess” from Nutaku and also see if there are other H and Ero RPGs to acquire from J-List and a few other outlets. So there has never been a better time to join our Patreon to get content. VODs will be available to all tiers, but higher tiers may be able to participate in polls to shape the future direction of the show, which will most likely air on Tuesdays at 10PM Pacific/AZ (MST outside of Daylight Saving time). Ultimately, your support there will allow us to keep making content for you, as well as fund the animation of episode 1 of “Ship in a Bottle”!