At last! The side story is complete! What will happen in the final chapter of Book I of “Ship in a Bottle”? Who knows, but we will get a sneak peak when the cover returns after a 8 year absence. Plus, we need to answer the mystery of where Trixie and Bear were during the fair. I think Chapter 4.5 gave us a clue regarding Trixie, but where was Bear in all this? And what are Ship and Alan doing now? And where’s Clara, Nel, Lucia, and the rest of the “harem”?!

All this and more in Chapter 6: “The Enemy Without”

Plus, if that wasn’t enough excitement for you, we are going to be reviewing the first of our Manga Gamer titles on Plexstorm this coming week. I’m thinking we will be doing “Rance Magnum” as our first title. But, I have three, so they will ALL be reviewed in good order. Plus, we will be speaking to John Pickett himself of in the following week (we hope!) after the review so we can hear all about some of the other offerings they have in store over there. And, of course, if you don’t want to wait for the show, we have affiliate links to two of the “Rance” series of games so you can try them out and offer your own thoughts in the comments during the live broadcast!

Here’s the links if you missed them last week:

Plexstorm: Up Late with Mace on Plexstorm!
Pornhub: Up Late with Mace on Pornhub!