As both enticement to join, and as reward for launching us with such an amazing outpouring of support, we bring to you Prettío’s re-imagining of one of my FAVORITE reader rewards for this series: “Master Makes the Strangest Wishes!” This is, by far, my most (in)famous pinup, and to this day, my most favorited on deviantArt. And I am very proud of the combination of cuteness and silliness that went into this concept. And to see it rendered in this way… damn near brings a tear to my eye. Prettío really outdid herself with this one, and, just to keep the tradition alive, I shopped Alan in there to make sure he forever receives his comeuppance for, as they say in Archer: “PHRASING!”

We shall see you next week for an über sexified “Only One to a Customer”. Until then…