It’s taken some time, but I managed to find ALMOST all of the “lost” materials from the page and put them into respective galleries for your enjoyment. Due to the nature of the NextGen Gallery’s archiving structure, You will have to switch pages periodically to flip between pages of the “old comic” archive. Sorry about that. Maybe I’ll find a setting later or something that can make it display more per page. Also, the “bonus” stories that were commissioned due to hitting donation goals or special milestones in the past are now back on the “gallery” page since they may or may not have a place in the New Order here once the comic begins again proper. But at least all but two pages of the old comic are available for you to peruse. I’ll see about recovering the lost files for the missing Chapter 3 pages. (although honestly, if Chapter 3 fell into a hole in the Earth forever, I would not be particularly upset.)

Also, on a more positive note, TeaGreen will be returning twice a month to give us some AU silliness in the way that only she can. Examples like these filler pieces from back in the day:

Ship Filler 1

Ship Filler 2

So be sure to tune in to my blog posts on the 15th and 25th of each month for a little extra sum thin’-sumthin’.