Hey guys, this is Glance speaking. This page is late, yeah. I’m not sure this is a funny story, but it’s a story at least.

I started working on this last week, and I was preparing for this convention that Mace and I just went to. I was scrambling to get stuff together, and the page turned out kinda late. So I was like no sweat, to make up for being late, I’ll color it myself and save Tea some time, and it’ll be done by Saturday. because what do I do at a convention besides sit around and hope people notice me, right?

Eh… the good news is I was VERY POPULAR at Kami-con. If any of you are in the audience right now, thanks for your patronage and for allowing us to have such a good time while making a little money (we can afford our rent this month, YAY). Bad news: I was drawing my hands off the whole three days doing commissions for the crowd.

So then I had the idea, since it’s a splash page and it’s late, I’ll make it up to you by coloring it pin-up style with full shading. Well, we just solved the mystery of why Glance doesn’t do full-color comics in this style. Took me all day. Whoops~

ANYWAY. I uploaded it for you since it’s late and Mace already went beddy-bye. Sorry for the wait, and thanks for your patience.