Gaze into the abyss for before you lies a taste of… THE FUTURE!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Okie dokie, this week’s installment we have a shocker for Alan (but no surprise at all to any of us, amirite?) OH, Ship’s kinda miffed that you’re fucking around on her, Alan? No! It can’t be! It is! Anyway, Ship tells it like it is and Alan gets a sobering dose of reality.

In other news: the first line of this post is a glimpse into the future of Ship in a Bottle. I managed to convince Glance to color tonight’s page because I was feeling under-the-weather, but it may be that we’ve worked out some kind of long-term deal regarding that. And truth be told, I couldn’t be happier because Prettio’s art deserves someone of Glance’s skill level to color it, really. I’m ok, but she’s waaayyyy better. We’re not going full-time with this just yet, which means I may yet still color a few more pages before we make this deal etched in stone, but once we do, it’ll be a huge load off my mind because then I’ll be able to return to my forgotten Magnum Porn Opus: Peppermint Saga you can find at sexcelebrity website. More as this develops, of course.

With love,