Ugh… I can’t seem to catch a break.

So, this past week, I tore up my back, and now I am barely able to sit upright for any extended period of time. this means what little ability I had to work for any streatch of time has been basically curtailed. While Glance is doing the whole convention tour, I was going to try and make with the colors. However, since I can barely move (In fact, I just sneezed and almost fell out of my chair just now…), I am going to be lagging way behind the comic production schedule for some time.

What does this mean for the comic? It means that you will have to (temporarily) content yourself with Prettio’s amazing lines, but with no color until I can pick myself up off the floor. The comic *WILL* go on… just not as shiny for a few weeks.

So, yay me. I’m now almost 50% disabled. Makes my day job even more fun…