I’m making some headway on the colors for this week’s page. I’m in that doldrum period of the week where I do two opening shifts going into my weekend, so it takes a lot of juice out of me. Glance is still out of town, so… yannow how that it.

The fun part of my colors this week is that a) Clara returns and b) it’s a great opportunity to force myself to do 100% of the colors in Sai, which EVERYONE and their brother has been trying to get me to use for just about everything. And I gotta tell you, I was a hard sell. I was sure the magical tools everyone was talking about were in there somewhere just beyond my grasp, and it turns out I was right! The biggest problems were setting the tool defaults to actually do what I want them to. And once Glance set me up proper, I was FINALLY able to make some headway. So I am actually working faster than I ever have before (especially given the level of sophistication Prettio’s art requires due to her skill). But I’ve only spent about an hour a night on it. Good news is, I am still looking to be able to finish by Friday night. *awaits requisite lightning strike*

Anywho, wish me luck on that. Once Glance gets home in three weeks, I can pass the coloring duties back to her and work on fixing those pages I never colored due to my injury 2 weeks ago. (I’m not going to burden her with backlog. She’s done enough for me just putting up with my shenanigans on a regular basis. If she were religious, I’d put her up for Sainthood. Well, maybe I will anyway. lol)