I know I have mentioned this before, but I thought I would lay this out in a more formal fashion. Back in Chapter 4 we showed a character entering the shop who bought some rather silly items for top dollar and exclaimed what a bargain they were. And naturally, Alan’s continued cluelessness as to the nature of the shop. Now, as many of you have guessed, Ronald’s is an “Item of Power” shop. It’s not an antique shop at all. (the only person unaware of this fact is probably Alan XD) But the idea of Alan’s ignorance is not all that outrageous (i.e. he’s not quite as dumb as he looks). In the world of SinaB, witches and warlocks and magical creatures are fairly common, but they remain in the shadows somewhat out of the view of the public. A shop like Ronald’s is what we in the business like to refer to as “hiding in plain sight”, though. Since people who engage in witchcraft and magic in this universe keep a low profile, it is only logical that they would use mundane and often ridiculous items to channel their powers. Hence, Pez dispensers and busts of the late President Reagan. So when you think about it, since Alan was obviously never indoctrinated into this world of sorcery (probably an oversight due to the untimely demise of so many relatives…), his ignorance seems pretty reasonable. As for his cluelessness with the ladies… well, that’s another story. XD

Also, just thought I’d mention that we’re doing incentives again. Now, those of you who’ve been around long-term know a few places to go to get funds to us. But for those who are new here, I’ll be setting up a page in the next few days that will allow us to do what we need to do, yet remain in compliance with you-know-who’s terms of service. The tiers are pretty simple, but instead of each individual contributor getting a wallpaper or the like, when we hit the goals, everyone wins automatically. At $50, you get a stunning sketch by our lovely and talented artist. At $100, we’re offering up a color pinup. At $150, we’re doing a group shot (no less than two, maybe up to 5 characters… I’ll hammer that detail out with Prettio before we commit either way XD), and then we have to go all the way to $250 to get a 2-3 page bonus comic (which will be in color and delivered the following month after goal). When the tiers are reached, sometimes shortly after, the items will appear on the Gallery page. It’s pretty straightforward.