And yes, the tag “clever girl” should be read using the same voice as the dude from Jurassic Park.

Alan’s endless cluelessness continues, but don’t worry. He will find out all about it very soon…ish. lol

Is I am not mistaken, there is about 2-3 pages of “story” left, then we’re finally getting to the “debauchery” promised. Also, don’t forget that we’re still trying to raise money for Prettio’s computer as well as, y’know, keep my sketchy ass off the streets. Because Lord knows, we don’t want me shambling around at night. In order to contribute, all you have to do is go to one of my “legit” comics (Starship Moonhawk or The Lavenders) and drop some shekels into our coffers and when we hit $50, you get the first of our four tiers of rewards. C’mon, peeps! We’re at $5! Only $45 to go!!! ;D