I was born late, I’ll die late. Probably be late to my funeral, too.

I do myself and the fine ladies that make up our art team a disservice every time I blow the update date. And make no mistake, it was just me not being where I am supposed to be when it needed to happen. Saint-Tail had the colors done SUNDAY, and I just… well, that’s done now and the page is here. No, you’re not imagining things: I backdated the page for archive continuity. But don’t worry, it wasn’t there yesterday. We weren’t all THAT drunk. lol

So yeah! Alan finally gets his dick into something other than trouble for a change and it looks like things are getting really heated here.

On a quick side-note, Glance will be at Saboten Con in Phoenix through Labor Day, so if you love her cross-dressing romance comedy Lavender LEgend and plan to be at said con, be sure to drop by and ask her if she has any Rose Slayer/Love X Core stuff hiding behind the table. I’ll be up there for Monday only (last day of the con…) and I’ll have a tiny bit of Starship Moonhawk crap with me to sell. I still haven’t finished colorizing the first episode of Peppermint Saga, so I don’t have any books yet. oh well. lol