And in regards to that ONE tag, looks like we have little to worry about, eh? 😉

So it looks like Ship is going to be doing some deep core drilling in Lady Stephanie’s coal mine. She’s pinned in a girl sandwich to be sure.

On a personal note: I am not fond of futa girls with balls. I think they are simply guys with tits, and in my mind, that takes us a bit out of fantasy and into a realm of transgenderism that feels a little outside the scope and aim of this comic series. That said, who knows. If Menage a 3 can do it in their silly little whimsical comic… well, as you probably have read me saying before: nothing reasonable is every truly off the table. But for now, we’re just going to hang around in the realm of magic and wish fulfillment. 😉

One a secondary note: I was playing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (and doing a fairly nice job of it, I’d like to think) until I fucked up and let Lloyd steal Ignus’ core. So now I am on track for the mediocre ending. I am debating on whether to tough it out and then do it right on New Game +, or if I should just hang it up and start over. >.> Annoying…