I’ve been saying for a while that could I have gone back in time and hired Prettio from Day One, this comic might have turned out a LOT different. And in some respects, all to the better. But due to certain economic circumstances, I had to ask Prettio to put down her digital pen and this series ground to a halt. In the intervening time, Glance and I have been working in earnest to bring Frilly Pink to life so you could not only enjoy our sexy stylings, but that of several other amazing artists we’ve come into contact with over the years, all in one convenient location for one low, low price. With that in mind, I asked Prettio to bring a concept to the table that she’s been working on, silently, for quite some time. Possibly years. But I realized something: this series was the only one updating with any consistency. And in order to successfully launch my site with my new business partners, I had to have this traffic, what little it was.

So I approached another artist. Now, before you blow a gasket, know that Prettio and I have discussed this (and Saint-Tail has been included in the talks as well, as she was coloring the whole thing and doing BGR as well), and we agreed that the Show must go on. So I’m going to go ahead and let you all know that I have hired MagniFire, the gentleman I hired to finish “Nocturne in Moonlight” for BGR before Saint-Tail took over. He’s a very solid artist with some fairly strong anatomy skills and I think his style, while different from Prettio’s (by a lot) will still be very enjoyable to look at. So, starting in a few weeks, Chapter 6 will resume in earnest with a new artist at the helm. One caveat is that we will probably have some spotty colors as Saint-Tail is busy with BGR and her day job, so I may pick up the reins when I can, other times we will have to wait for colors. But, regardless of that, the series will be BACK, and with minimal loss of time. And hopefully soon, I’ll be able to give you official news of Frilly Pink (although for the scant few options we have for payment, the gateway is functional, and there is some content up there).

So, there ya go.