Hey hey, campers! Frilly Pink http://www.frillypink.com is now open! We finally got approved by the fine folks at Vee Saw ;p See the link at the top menu bar to join!

Secodn: Ship in a Bottle’s return was a tiny bit delayed. We’re shooting for early to mid-January. Between the 15th and the 20th or so. It will resume on Fridays and I am *HOPING* Saint-Tail will be able to re-join us to do colors for MagniFire, ho will be taking on the role of artist.

Meanwhile, at Frilly Pink, Prettio’s comic has an AMAZING color cover, a gorgeous pinup of Blanche (lead character) and three pages posted in the archive. She will produce three more pages next month, plus a new full-color pinup and those will go up once a week on Saturdays! Meanwhile, Saint-Tail will be slaving away to bring you EPISODE 6 of Peppermint Saga: Blue-Gray Rhapsody starting in January with “A Leap of Faith”. This episode will feature antics from the as-yet-to-be-seen catgirl character from the “Prime” universe named “Faith”. She has a unique problem that needs a special man to solve it for her. šŸ˜‰ Speaking of “Prime”, our partner-in-crime, Ebenezer Splooge of PronQuest will be introducing his new series: Splortgate: SG-Prime. It’s a Stargate pastiche with a very unique cast of characters. And as if that was not enough excitement, you remember Glance Reviver, the artist who drew this series just before Prettio stepped in? She’s got a series of fandom inspired short comics ranging from all the things she loves. First, “Rightful King: a direct reference to the Nintendo 3DS game Fire Emblem: Awakenings. The mysterious stranger has some tips for the returning heroes wedding night. What will be the result? Then stick around, Tales of Vesperia fans as Yuri and Estelle decide to include Flynn in their adventures… in the bedroom. He gets to experience a new kind of high when the dynamic duo show HIM what it’s like to BE the magic carpet ride in a comic called “OT3”. (yes, I just made a fucking Steppenwolf reference. Deal with it ;p)

So be sure to check in often as we have a metric fuckton of content coming your way for January 2014!

See you in the new year, kids. ;3