Would any of you (who may still be lurking) be interested in possibly doing this? So, here’s the deal:

As you all know, I don’t draw this mess myself. I contract out. Anyone who has ever read my Peppermint Saga comic knows the myriad of reasons why this is necessary, ranging from speed and skill to dedication. I’m better at writing and world-building than I am at sticking to a schedule on art. I used to draw all the time. Now all it does is make me anxious. But having a partner-in-crime (or two as was the case in chapter 5), costs some serious skrilla. This is where you come in.

After much deliberation, I have discovered the only way that I am going to get anywhere with this is to enlist the aid of those who claim to love it the most. And there’s only one question left on the table: “Do you want to see this through to the end?” Chapter 6 is a big one. It ties up all the plot points and loose ends (excluding spinoff opportunities) in Ship in a Bottle and brings this series of arcs to a close. Will it be the end of SinaB forever? That remains to be seen. It all depends on how people react to the end of Chapter 6. But in the meantime, I need to hire some talent, or this baby is going nowhere.

I need about $1500 to do this. We’re looking at around 50+ pages, is my guess. I haven’t scripted out every line of dialog just yet. I have an artist waiting in the wings. I have a colorist, same deal. I’ve been looking at cheap-as-free incentives, too. Unfortunately, 100% of the money raised needs to go into commissioning these pages over the course of the next year. So the incentive ideas range from free access to Frilly Pink for a month to several months, high-rez digital copies of Chapters 4 and 5, to cameo appearances in the final issue. These are all things I can manage without dipping into the funding. But I need some input. Will any of you use Indiegogo? (I can’t do Kickstarter for various reasons I have no desire to get into right now) Will hi-rez PDF’s and wallpapers be enough? These are some things I need to know.

Anyway, feel free to comment, and I’ll have a simple poll before long. Thanks for reading, and hope we can do business.