One of the first changes we will be making is the “Help Re-Boot Ship in a Bottle” campaign, and I think I have decided on using Patreon to help us with that. One of the blessings and hardships of running this comic is that, as amazing as Prettío is, she’s not free. And I want her to stay with us for the long-haul because, let’s face it, folks (and I think y’all agree): she “gets” this series and what it’s all about. And she’s passionate about the work because she likes doing it. With that in mind, I made the hard decision to rewrite the first three chapters of SinaB so that we can have her artwork consistently throughout (I do plan on keeping most, if not all, of Glance Reviver’s fourth chapter, but there will be changes there, too. More on that at a later date). So once I decide how to set up all of the incentives, we will probably go with Patreon and you guys can help us bring your favorite naughty genie back to the airwaves.

Keep on smiling.