So, before we get to the old business, let’s first get to the new:

I’m trying to hire voice actors to try and help us get a dramatic audiobook going for me “legit” series, Starship Moonhawk. So if you’re interested in seeing this, as well as my other projects update, I could really use your help. We’re focusing on this before we start haranguing our readers for monthly donations. So if you would like to help us, it would be greatly appreciated, plus you will get some cool sci-fi swag.

As for Ship in a Bottle, I’ve discussed Patreon models with Prettio, and I also spoke to Keith W. (who is jockeying to be full-time artist on Starship Moonhawk), and the “monthly” model seems like the best idea. So basically, we will set a series of thresholds to update 1x, 2x and 3x a week, and then see if we hit those numbers. But before we do the Patreon, I’d like to try and get further along on the Indiegogo for Starship Moonhawk. So again, if you’d like to help re-focus my attention, please, please consider helping us there.

You won’t be sorry. ^^