Tonight, we launch the first in a series of three pinups that will ultimately lead to the LONG AWAITED revamp of Ship in a Bottle: Chapter 1 – “Dreaming of Genie”, with all of the sex, hilarity and magical hijinks dialed straight to 11. But before that happens, I am clearing the old archive of the original series to make room for an unmolested view of all that is to come. But despair not, loyal friends! The original comics are not derelict, merely being moved off to their own page once I get things cleaned up around here. So don’t panic. You will still be able to see Tira-chan and GlanceReviver’s stylings as well as some of the madcap hilarity of Tea Green (in fact, I thought her filler comics were top notch, so I left them in there. XD).

Speaking of our friend Tea… I just got off the Skype with her, and looks like we’re going to get some more of those sweet OOC single-panel gag comics like the one she did as filler a few years back. So be sure to watch my blogs around the 15th and 25th for those random acts of silliness.

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