That’s right, kids. A little more naughty Ship comin’ your way from the talented tira-chan. Starting next month, we’ll be rotating the donation image duties so that way we can get a steady stream of variety going here, as well as making sure Nat has plenty of time to keep the comic itself rolling. This month, for the low, low price of $2 (or more. More is always nice. ^_^), some lucky guy or gal can get a lovely high res shot themed after our little “detour” from the main story. And yes, I did totally phone in the background. But I also know nobody gives a shit about the background when you have Ship’s… woah… is that her Va Jay Jay showing there? “Honey! Hide the kids!” Sheesh. they’ll put anything up on the Interwebs these days. 😉

All I can say is, I sure wish she was cleaning *my* floors, if ye know what I mean. She can polish my banister any day she wants. AMIRITE? XD