Well, Ship’s apron is gone. Show of hands: who didn’t see that coming? Yep. You two who raised your hands? See me after class. We’ll discuss this later. *stern look*

That’s it for our cutesy first omake. I hope you enjoyed it. A little background: when I approached tira-chan about doing the comic originally, she had no prior experience doing a comic at all. So I suggested she “get her feet wet” by taking this silly little idea I had and running with it for two pages. The first and last are the actual results of that. When I decided to use these “test” pages as an actual filler between chapters, tira actually redrew many key elements of the pages, and then I got the brilliant idea that there needed to be some evidence of REAL magic, so we cobbled together page 2. The rest… is history. And I think it came out beautifully. As always, I hope you think so, too.

Anywho! Next week, I will be providing the Chapter 2 cover so tira-chan has some time to work on the opening of Chapter 2 and hopefully get ahead. There’s some much crazier stuff afoot in chapter 2. Classrooms and giant robots and lesbian super geniuses… oh my!