From the beginning, I had intended Ship in a Bottle to be a sexy, mad-cap romp. There’s sex, yes, but it is mostly Ship being sexy that makes this series awesome, in my opinion. So if there is a dearth of nudity of late, please understand that although somewhat whimsical, this series -does- have a story and a plot. On page 5, we will be introducing our “villain of the week” so to speak. And as people might start noticing, like my hentai series, Peppermint Saga, the second arc is much longer than the first. By several magnitudes. That’s because in these things I tend to do a “try before we buy” scenario. What is the initial reaction? Does it scan with the readers? Those kinds of things. Some future arcs may be shorter, and some may be even longer. Some may go way beyond the pale with nudity and sexuality, and others may focus on comedy and “trial-and-error” of being a newly minted genie owner for Alan.

But I should warn folks… due to the whimsical fashion in which I am writing this, any, all or none of these things may come to pass. So part of the adventure is waiting to see what insanity I’ll come up with next.

Yep. I’m still an asshole. but you know you love my antics. XD