So, for those of you new to my works, I got my start online with my “legit” series, Starship Moonhawk. Since March 8, we have been running an Indiegogo campaign to try and raise funds to do a full voice-acted dramatic audiobook. The efforts have been less-than-amazing, due to low visibility of the project. Now, I know I already ask a lot of you with the Patreon, but if there are any of you looking to make a single contribution for a one-time reward to help us fund this, I would be extremely grateful. And, you get some cool shit as prizes (including the ability to hobnob with me and my cast on my weekly podcast show, Up Late with Mace). So, if you’re looking for an excuse, and you like audiobooks, we still have a week left to make full funding. If not… well, I have enough to make the book, just not hire actors to do it. So, please give us your consideration. It WILL be appreciated. Here’s the link:

Our Indiegogo Campaign