Ok, so our first big month is under our belt! But, we need to remain vigilant. The Euro constantly fluctuates against the dollar, and that affects our bottom line as our artist is based in Europe. As such, I also need to be more aware of Patreon’s cut when assigning rewards. Since the primary function of the Patreon is financing this comic, at some later date, I may be forced to nudge the milestones up $25 to make up for currency values and fees. Not to worry, though. For the moment, everything looks stable. I’ll keep everyone advised if there are any real problems.

Coming up on Friday of this week is the Chapter 1 cover for “Dreaming of Genie” (2.0, such as it is) and next week is the first actual comic. So hang in there, folks! Also, keep spreading the word about our Patreon to anyone who might be receptive. I can’t really share it too much on social media since most of that gets back to friends and family who aren’t “down” for this kinda thing. So I am counting on some serious word-of-mouth, so to speak. So if we can get our recurring total above $225 a month on our own, then the milestone adjustments will be somewhat moot. (although $450 would be better, naturally ;))