You may have noticed that I took down some of the huge ad wall on the left. That is because some of the links went dead (as much as THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO!), and nobody bothered to send out a memo. So, SexyFur, a longtime profit center for this website and my other (infamous) comic, Peppermint Saga, took down their webmaster referral program. So, I HOPE none of you went through my link expecting to help us out, because unfortunately, you no longer are. Which is a shame. It’s lame that I frequently have to go through my own webmaster links to see which ones are dead without warning. Although, I guess that’s kinda how life is in general. We never know when our last moment here on Earth is up. At any rate, HentaiGold also went (heh heh) tits up in 2012 and nobody bothered to update that program EITHER. I tried to check my Verotel links to see if the last two I kept are doing anything, but Verotel’s webmaster tools freezes up when I try and search back a year to see how we did. I guess I’ll have to manually tunnel through those links as well. As for Vixine and Cutepet, those guys are going strong and show no signs of slowing down. So please keep clicking those. And of course, I want you all to check out our good friends at Filthy Figments! Many of those ladies over there are friends of mine, and their work is pure aces. I’ll see about shoring up the banner sizes and make that block look more respectable, though.