Just thought I’d remind folks that the donation incentive drive has already commenced. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear. If we clear $250 by May 31, you get a SPECIAL comic, by everyone’s favorite porno artist (in my apartment); aka me. What exactly is this comic? Well, glad you asked. My initial idea, to paint a mental picture, was inspired by Jacob’s harmless piece of fanart involving Ship and Shantae (from the Gameboy Color game of the same title). For legal reasons, Shantae herself wouldn’t be in such a misadventure, but it got me thinking: would Ship know how to belly dance, and would she do it for her master? And more importantly… how kinky/sexual would she get? Would she ensnare her master with magic and fill him with lust? Find out in the 5 page, X-rated, nut-busting short if we make it… otherwise, we may have to wait until July. And you wouldn’t want that, now, would you? 😉