Hello everybody!

Prettío posting this week, since Mace is right now busy in a con. If you can read this, that means I did everything right and I didn’t post this in the wrong place or the wrong date! Yai!

Since it’s the first time I’m posting since the reboot (And probably not the last one) perhaps I should introduce myself for the people who don’t know me. I’m Prettío, I live in Spain and I’m a freelance illustrator. I’ve been working in this webcomic since old chapter 5, back in 2011, I think? I used to draw while other mates coloured the pages, but right now I draw, colour, do pinups, take the dog out (¿?) and everything that is needed 😀 If you have any questions or comments about the artistic part of this comic please write me in the comments area, I use to read all the comments everyweek in this page.

In this week’s page Alan seems to be struggling between dreaming and taking charge of his new job. I don’t blame him, if I were his age and if I were a man, I would totally give some time to remember that girls face… for future enjoyment. Ship has made her first appearance in… air form? lol The queen of this story is near to appear in full form really soon! \o/

English is not my main language, I’m sorry if something sounds weird or if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes :_D