Paging Mike Hunt. Will Mike Hunt please come to the office? We need you to see Ben Dover at the back office.

All shitty humor aside, Dreamhost seems to be past their latest conniption, but sadly, the page still has to be in b/w for one more week. Ultimately, all of these b/w pages will be cleared up, I’ve just been working around the paid gigs and working on a semi-contract job. You’ll understand what I mean when it goes down.

In further news, we now have $32 toward the first $250. And there is also a VERY sexy donation pic on the way. We’ll be sorta taking this week “off” to present that to you. Keep in mind: the counter resets each month, so let not your brothers and sisters in arms here donate in vain. My first storyline is a doosey which involves belly dancing in the nude and a little good-natured uncensored grinding. So don’t miss out… otherwise we’ll have to put that one off til July… or August… or… well, you get the idea. Plus, the bonus comics will be available for all once the goal is reached. Hopefully we’ll get some rotation in the readers who drop us some coin so it’s more fair for everyone, but please, there is no obligation to buy. this is just some extra sweat off my balls to give you some extra content for your money. Plus, no matter what, you get one of our monthly donate images. Which as you know, are always spiffy.


Do start telling your friends about this place, if you would.