So, the Patreon is going strong, and we’re gradually creeping up on the second milestone ($157 to go!), but I wanted to put something out there: some of you have expressed interest in Peppermint Saga: Blue-Gray Rhapsody, and while I am enjoying producing that with some of my new artist friends, I am worried that I won’t get enough money or support to keep it going indefinitely. Maybe you guys can help me with that in the short-term.

Here’s what I am proposing: I put up an Indiegogo for about… let’s say $650, to cover basic production costs and give me a little “spreadin’ around” money. You know, for advertising, site upkeep and making sure I have ramen for the long nights making sure the pages go up on time. And, if we hit that goal (not TOO outrageous), the big payoff will be that maybe, probably, possibly, most-likely, Prettío is the one to draw the final episode of Book I. Now, keep in mind, she hasn’t said yea or nay yet. I just left her a message on Skype and she’s 9 hours ahead of me. So, I’m about to go to sleep and she won’t be up for maybe 2 more hours or so. but I just wanted to put that out there and see what people thought.

Oh, and Patreon patrons, I am putting up a couple sketches Prettío did when I thought we were going to be working together on Peppermint Saga back in 2012. This will be visible to all levels, except free ;p Maybe give you a slight idea of what we’re looking at here.

As always, I got my ears on. Thoughts, comments, concerns before I try this?