As if you needed proof, amirite? But seriously, we’re making headway on this Indiegogo thing. 83% to goal with a lot of time left, but I don’t want to just stop at 100%. I want to use the campaign to fund other projects. So please consider chipping in. You get some great stuff, and it means the world to me and Prettío. We also got a new Patron on Patreon, so I feel a little better that we’re still getting the message out to folks and they are contributing. by patronizing this site, you keep two lonely artists stocked with Pop Tarts and bottled water to get us through this dreadful Summer. And as a huge bonus, you get some fantastic rewards for your own trouble. It’s a win-win!

Second important matter is that this is the page that just went up is the last page of July, so that means get your comments in before tomorrow at the close of business and you too can be a contender for the comment contest. The winner each month gets to help Prettío decide what incentive sketch she will draw and the winning result will end up on Top Webcomics as a voting incentive (a double-dip!). So be sure to get in there!