oh ho ho, Alan, you schemer… what are you playing at, son?

In other news, our Indiegogo hit 100%!!!! That means once I finish the script, Prettío will start banging out some pages of that shizznat to meet our projected September deadline for backers. In the meantime, those of you with PayPal and no credit cards, feel free to add your two cents (literally or otherwise) and let’s see if I can fund more episodes or even better stretch goals (coming soon!).

We also decided the winner of last month’s comment contest. RandomAnon would have been the obvious choice as his support and commentary cannot be ignored. And UncolaMan has been a tireless contributor these past months, however he’s also been given a pretty decent amount of attention for busting the charts not once, but TWICE and his original character has been featured as a result, thus making him a bit of a local celebrity around here. Truth be told, you’ve all been amazing, however, it fell to THIS gem of a remark on page 11 that has both me and Prettío rolling on the floor:

“I love how she’s literally framing her boobs in panel 1 in a perfect square of beautiful gold bordering.”

So there you have it. ColdFusion, you came back to us just in time to get a special prize. Once I get Prettío’s list of sketches she wants to draw, you get to pick the one that becomes our vote incentive for the rest of the month (and we start this whole process over again with tonight’s update, so, enjoy everyone!)