Anyone hear Back in Black by AC/DC going through their mind starting when alan “accidentally” made that wish? I know I heard it. And Ship did too. 😉

Anywho, new incentive is up, so be sure to vote for Top Webcomics (TWC at the bottom of the page). We need to get into the top 100 to really get the hits. We’re doing extremely well thanks to the efforts of a number of you, and Prettío and I are extremely grateful. But I will never stop flogging this point: if it is within your power to give, please do over at Patreon. As little as a single dollar gets you access to some pretty great incentives. Next month, thanks to a very generous benefactor, we will be doubling our efforts on a trial basis. But if you want us to STAY at that level, we need a LOT more help. A permanent increase of $166 per month, to be precise. To get two updates every week, we need to maintain $400/month milestone, or we plod along forever.

And, of course, if all you have is PayPal, you can still help me fund my other projects over at Indiegogo. Since our main campaign was an unqualified success, we are now on “InDemand”, which means we can collect funds until I beg them to stop. (which, I probably won’t do! lol) Now only can you get some great existing incentives, you can also get some early action on one of my other projects. Future episodes of BGR, advanced reading on the original Peppermint Saga… there’s a lot happening that you can be a part of and take home a little bonus slice just by donating $5 or more. So, please consider that as well.

Lastly, the comment contest resumes as of today! So try and amuse me and Prettío and maybe you can decide what next month’s voting incentive is. This month, we decided to revisit the October 2013 donation incentive and make Alan wish to be a girl again. By accident, no doubt. Ah, such happy accidents…