So, we got halfway to the goal. There’s still a few days left to donate, folks, but June 1st, the counter rolls back to zero. No matter what happens, I do have some goofy fun planned for the effort, and hopefully, it will encourage all of you, and perhaps some that were skeptical, to go ahead and drop us some coin next time out. We’ll see. I’ll be coloring the incentive image this weekend and sending it out to everyone who donated, even if I already gave you something earlier. Make it a double for those who jumped on the bandwagon early. 😉

In case anyone was wondering, we kinda took this week off. Tira’s significant is moving, so she’s been helping with that as much as possible, and I was in San Diego from Monday through Thursday, so really, the chances of us having a page this week were slim to zero, anyway. Just too much going on. So, we rested up and should be ready to fire on all cylinders again this week. Which is good, since the new month starts this week. Maybe once everyone figures out how the rent and cable bill goes, they can see if they have any funds left over. June’s donation image will be Ship working on her “no tan-line” tan. And I’m pretty sure lemonade and ice cubes will somehow be involved. XD

But, that’s the skinny. Also, be looking for a couple reeeeeeaaally kinky BGR episodes over on the Peppermint Saga side of things. I’ll be finishing the “where there’s a Will…” storyline in the next couple weeks, and then for those with an unusual furry flair, be sure to tune in for a naughty “happy ending” massage session with DarkZuri’s herm werebunny, Priss. Some people may be put off by that a little, but Priss is pretty cute and apparently, Shi is pretty popular over with the FA crowd. Don’t worry: I promise not to tell on you if you’re a “fursecutor” but you secretly wanna check it out, anyway. ;3