The quest for the pork sword continues…

SEVEN more pages left in Chapter 1, then we begin the LONG awaited reboot of Episode 2: “Project: Wacko”! Rich girl and local mad scientist Beatrice Walker notices that our less-than-hero Alan has a genie at his disposal, and she must have her for herself! Hilarity and sexy hijinks ensue. Chapter 2 ended up being 10 pages longer due to the addition of significant, explicit sex scenes as opposed to the more… implied original version. So I implore all of you that are able to dig deep and keep the Patreon at the $400+ level, or this is going to be a long haul to Episode 3: “Hot For Teacher”. Now, I know some of you are BIG Clara fans. And if you want to see her lovely ginger locks on these pages again anytime soon… well, you all know what to do. 😉

Which brings up another salient point: if you’d like to see updates THREE times a week, you’ll have to put me to work. The $600 tier on Patreon has been changed to pages of PEPPERMINT SAGA on a weekly basis (updating Saturdays). I have a couple pages completed, but I can only update intermittently without a cash incentive to take time off from my day job to work this thing. (not to mention, I have a wonderful colorist that needs to be paid…) But if you want Ship in a Bottle THREE times a week, we gotta hustle up to $800, now. I know, I’m sorry, but I gotta eat! I’ll do my best to be worthy of that third milestone. Some of you were fans of Peppermint Saga back in the day, and I am sure you will love where the original series is going.

Lastly, BGR… is now a IndieGoGo exclusive. I’m commissioning a couple promo pieces from EliaOwl, our proposed Chapter 11 artist to whet your appetite. Stretch goals are now articulated on the IGG page, so click catgirl Ship to see what is what. We’re $450 away from The Genie Handbook vol. 2, which will feature shapeshifting, hardcore cosplay and Clara Bottle snark. So, while you’re waiting for BGR Chapter 10: “The Weight of the Galaxy” to be produced, you may want to consider chipping in some coin on a one-time basis to get that shit hot on a platter. Prettío will not have free time forever to indulge in my side-projects, so now is the time. 😉

Whew! Ok, TL;DR over, and OUT! See you next week!