Don’t forget: Starting Wednesday, there will be two comics a week for FOUR WEEKS. But, you won’t be able to keep that level if we don’t get some serious donation action going on here. In a couple days, our generous benefactor will be returning his pledge to pre-September level, which means we will BARELY be in 1x per week range. During this drive, I will refrain from talking about KND, Mocaccino Gang and literally anything else save for Peppermint Saga (because it updating each week is a milestone standing in the way of THREE weekly updates on Ship in a Bottle ;p) until we either get there, or we revert to one.

Also, new vote incentive is up. Nel requested some Clara action this time. Clara got a bit of a redesign. Did you know she was supposed to be an Amazonian giantess? Well, 5’11” to be precise. She’s basically our series’ Naga the White Serpent, which was, oddly enough, music to Prettío’s ears. 😉