“Oh my God, I love your hot cum in my ass,” is a trope we did not do on this page. Nor will we. 😉

Few more pages left to wind this sucker down, then Chapter 2 begins. Stay tuned for Project: Wacko!

Additionally, we have shifted gears a little bit. While we still want you to consider helping us stay at updates 2x a week, I’m also convinced I should be flogging Kawaii Neko Daigaku. Our artist, Maitre Neko (formerly known as Kuro Neko) has done an amazing job, and for the next few weeks, I will be posting “teasers” of the three main girls in that series from the pinup he just did. As well as a halloween themed pinup of Iroppoi-sensei, the Dean of Students at Otome Daigaku, their university. I added three tiers of patrons: $1 – All-Access-Pass, which gets you pinups and larger pages, pretty much everything. $5 – gets you access to the PDF/PSD versions of the comics as they become available, and $10 gets you all that, plus the ability to know when and where I will be on Picarto.tv or interrogate me (via the text chat module) and have your questions read on the air during my podcast “Up Late with Mace” on Wednesday nights. Now, keep in mind that whatever you pledge there works differently than here. It’s multiplied by FOUR as that is the target number of updates each month. So $1 = $4, $5 = $20 per month, and so on. Anyway, I know a lot of you contribute here as it is, but if you HAPPEN to have an extra $4 per month laying around, at $1 per page, we need all the help we can get to land 55 patrons. The sooner we do that, the faster we can start making pages.

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