So, I just want to get this out of the way right off the bat: characters do internal monologues all the time. This is not “awkward exposition” or “info dumps”. It’s oftentimes how both visual and written artists express subtext that cannot be conveyed due to lack of actually SEEING things happening, so you must be told. Ship has information she does not currently wish to share with Alan. Information that, if he were a bit more savvy, could compel her to share. She is recounting the mistakes she made with her previous master. Mistakes that got her locked away for over 100 years. It’s an important reflective moment. Where this all will lead? Well, jump on the Patreon. You just might find out sooner that way. 😉

Talk has been floating around, partly due to my bringing it up, that we may seek other methods to fund future endeavors. With that in mind, I am trying to figure out how to finance the last few pages of Chapter 2 of Mocaccino Gang. It will be part of our debut slate of comics at DriveThru Comics, along with BGR: “The Weight of the Galaxy” and the first two chapters of Peppermint Saga (the “prime” series). The idea being that if I can generate enough book sales from online ordering (you will have your choice of print or digital in most cases where there are 24 pages or more), we will commission future chapters.

Whew. Ok, see you next week when we debut our next Chapter: “Project: Wacko”! Issue 2 cover on Wednesday should pique your interest 😉