My job is getting too busy now for me to sit around and be an editor while I work, which is a shame. But that issue came into stark relief this afternoon when Prettío and I were trying to solve the dilemma between my vision and what she THOUGHT I was saying. This means that there will be NO page on Wednesday of this week. The cover for Project: Wacko will go up on Friday so Prettío has some time to really see my revisions and finish it off. Plus, my revisions are SO significant, she will have to scrap a large portion of what she already did.

It’s my fault, really. I made a lot of promises about making a pinup of Beatrice to solidify all the ideas we discussed, and I kept agreeing to things over Skype that I really didn’t think out very well. (largely due to the fact that I was at work, and there was no way for me to conceal the fact that I wasn’t working on work when I was in my office on my phone, Skyping). So, I have taken some time this evening to blaze through a sketch-on-a-sketch, and we shall see what we see. Sorry, everyone. Prettío is in no way derelict in her duties. We just couldn’t come to an understanding in the very slim windows of opportunity I was given at work. Now that I am home, I am able to send a REAL revision to her so we can make it right.

Also, don’t worry about “losing a page”. I will “bank” the missing one and tack it on at the end, assuming we lose the 2x-per-week rate. If we keep it, sometime in January, I’ll find a way to get us a week with THREE updates to make up for it. Either way, we’ll figure it out.