So, the question has come up: Why did I put that Patron on blast? Because on Friday, during my Moonhawk Studios podcast, I mentioned that we were $4 shy of maintaining updates 2x per week. One of my cast members on the show said he would bump his pledge, and we could keep 2x per week updates. He did so, putting us at $401. Then, shortly after that, someone on the $5 tier (who will remain nameless) QUIT, dropping us back to $396 and eliminating the possibility of getting updates at the expanded rate. So I said “It’s ok. I’ll just buy other stuff you guys like with the money I have, and it’s still cool.” But then you guys rallied and drove it all the way back up to $414.50. So, guess what? Updates 2x per week continue through part of December thanks to you guys pulling together. Assuming nobody quits tonight, that is. Seems like the perfect night for a jinx ;p

*crosses fingers*

So, that’s all! No biggie, and a HUGE thanks to the fans who rallied at the last minute to rocket us back into another month of expanded updates. You’re that much closer to bondage with Beatrice. 😉