Well, Alan’s fucked. And I don’t mean in the good way.

In other news, thank you everyone on the Patreon for saving our bacon. They keep flipping this A-to-B feature on and off where it alternates between showing the PLEDGE and ACTUAL EARNINGS. If they leave the feature ON in the future, the milestones will stay the same. If they do NOT, each tier is going to have to go up $20 to compensate for all the fees Patreon extracts. It’s annoying, but I think the slight bump will more honestly reflect our needs. But if they decide to permanently show “real dollars earned”, this step will not be necessary because we will be getting what we actually need. So thanks for bearing with us. Also, Jamie is still out of town, so all of my internal rhythms are off, so I apologize for late postings and missing updates on Patreon. It’s not intentional, I just… keep falling asleep after work and getting little done. Sorry about that.