…………… And here I come, Prettío saving the day once more!

Ok no.

Busy weeks for us all! How are your Christmas going? Fine I hope. I haven’t forget about your need for sexy stuff so I added some panties in this page to warm up this a bit, we’re close to the sexy scenes, I promise! 😛 No spoilers, but I’m eager to draw those pages. They’re going to be hilarious, I promise. And yes, with Bea involved everything is even more humouristic.

But we would be more near if you help us on Patreon to continue working on the comic, remember you can contribute clicking on the icon on the left side of the page with that amazing drawing I made some time ago *hohohoho*

And now I must leave, to continue working on the page for this Friday! I hope you have a nice end of the year tomorrow. And remember I’m 8 hours in advance to you, so I come from the future and I grant you next year 2016 is full of Ship in a bottle madness and sexy time for us all <3