Well, that’s that… or IS it?

No comic Friday, but there will be a nice late New Year’s pinup. Beatrice is getting her first new sexy picture since 2011 as we ring in the Year of the Monkey! hopefully, she won’t go bananas. *shot*

On the Patreon front, we fell a wee bit short last month, and there was some processing problems that have thrown the numbers out of whack. Right now, best I can tell you, is that the ACTUAL running total is a little over $360. If it stays there (or, God forbid, drops…), then we go down to 1x per week just before the end of January, but I’ve planned a few minor extras for the remaining cash. First is already up: I got a surprise gift from BlackWalker80, who is working hard at bringing Peppermint Saga: Blue-Gray Rhapsody to us. He did a lovely holiday pic of Peppermint as thanks for me hiring him to do the story and bailing him out of some jams with the extra cash this Christmas. Next, this week we will have a new pinup from Prettío featuring our lovable, sexy, mad genius, Beatrice Walker. If we do not resume 2x per week updates, but stay at this relatively high sub-tier, I will have her do the monthly pinups for the $25+ pledge, and the regular readers will get the “slightly censored” version as an incentive to join the Dark Si–, er, our Patreon. Lastly, I am making a new cover for Vol. 1 of BGR for DriveThru Comics. The pinup will be included in this month’s Patreon package as well as part of the download from DTC.

Ok, that’s it for my TL;DR for today. Be on the lookout Friday for the latest and greatest pinup of 2016! Wait a min—