The whale penis debate rages on as everyone gets a little piece of the Beatrice action. Alan contemplates the best way to proceed and decided that, like ripping off a band-aid, just getting it over with is the best course of action. Waahoo!

I’m trying to rent some office space so I can spend more time working on this stuff without girlfriend aggro. There’s a place down the way (walking distance) from my pad that I can rent for $225/month. You guys want to see if we can find some more Patreon donors so I can work on all this shit in peace? Prettío is fairly well tapped out on productivity, but if you guys get me to that third tier, not only will you get PEPPERMINT SAGA UPDATES, but you will help me get a whole lot more done with my time. I’m not sure that’s incentive enough on its own, but I’m putting that out there.