No, no, no! We’re not on hiatus, we’re not “in trouble” and we’re -NOT DEAD-! Jimminy, people. Relax a little. Here’s what *IS* happening: I am drawing the comic for three pages. And I got a little cocky and thought I’d have a page ready to fly on MONDAY. But then, I was updating the Drunk Duck site for my new series, “The Lavenders” when their server decided to FILL UP and spit back a BLANK PAGE. So I got angry and set up a new sub-domain here on Peppermint Saga’s hosting. [Here] this required an abundant amount of time, and I am back to working 4 days a week to make the money thing work, so it’s requiring a bit of schedule shuffling, especially as I still have the weekly podcast on Wednesday nights as well as my “contract” job for White Lightning. So, I’m alrady behind, then I lost two days and spent all day yesterday working on getting my mojo back. I found it around 3AM and drew a whole page. But, it still requires inking and coloring, my two least favorite things in the WORLD to do. (yeah, the thing I do on this comic besides creating and writing it is my LEAST favorite thing to do. It’s tedious. T_T)

HOWEVER! there will be a page, maybe two this week. 😉