Also, I think someone left the water on…

Well, we had a rather interesting month end dash for Patreon. We actually ended up at a very good place. Since I forgot to realign the reward tiers to work with my changes in plans, in the coming month, we will be doing updates 2x per week on Peppermint Saga, and I will color them as I had originally planned. Then, when Prettío goes on vacation, that’s when some stuff will change. We will have a few more “in between” milestone tiers which will allow me to bring back Fallon, our colorist on Peppermint Saga, on a permanent basis. While we have this expanded Peppermint Saga schedule, she will be helping Blackwalker80 color Ship in a Bottle in Prettío’s absence. Then, when Prettío comes back, things get really interesting. But I’ll talk about that when we get closer to inspection time. In the meantime, keep the donations rolling in. We can’t keep up this feverish pace without it.