Well, shit, fire and fuck me rugged. This was supposed to go up Friday night. Prettío was very much on-time, but I’ve been coming in from work and almost passing out from exhaustion lately. It’s probably a combination of my “advanced age” and “sedentary lifestyle” catching up with me. The retail rat-race is killing me one day at a time. Anyway, since I am acting as colorist on Peppermint Saga for the time being, I am doing all of my catch-up work today. Also be on the lookout for BGR updates at long last. When I put the Drivethru books together, I never made low resolution internet files, so I’ve been putting it off (like a huge asshole). But, I am also stalling a little until Prettío gets more time to finish… whatever fucking number I gave her chapter now. Plus, since all the IndieGoGo money is spent on studio expenses, I gotta figure out how I am going to pay an artist to finish the ACTUAL chapter 10, which UncolaMan graciously ponied up for. One thing is for certain: I will NOT be taking commissions. My smut comics are not the only things I am working on, as you’ve no doubt heard. but anyway, this is all part of my effort for “transparency” in what I am doing here.

Speaking of, the combined value of Patreon and private donations dropped drastically back to $455 (because of a couple one-time large contributions). We need it to be AT LEAST $500 to maintain Ship in a Bottle 2x per week + Peppermint Saga 1x. So if you’ve been waiting in the wings to contribute, now is the time. Starting this week, for the next month, Peppermint Saga is ALSO 2x per week. And, after Chapter 2.5 ends, BlackWalker80 and Fallon will team up for about a month (assuming the 2x per week thing holds) before Prettío returns in Chapter 3: “Hot For Teacher”.