Them click-thru rates aren’t what *I* am focused on here…

Made some quick mods. Unfortunately, at this resolution, it doesn’t look like you can see the light dusting of freckles I added across Clara’s face and breasts. Oh well. I’ll have the lads work on it next page.

Many of you may not be aware of this, but the Patreon is not “fine” just because we are at $600. We have a very small group of folks keeping this page going by the slimmest of margins. Now, we have SEVERAL comics on our slate, and one thing that COULD be happening is Ship in a Bottle COULD be updating 2x per week. But that won’t happen until the total reaches $780, if I am not mistaken. One of our high bidders will be dropping back down before you know it, so that means that in January, we could lose SINGLE weekly updates to KND and Peppermint Saga, let alone double updates for Ship. So, please. If you’d like us to update with greater frequency, any change you can spare is appreciated.