If you haven’t figured out what is happening yet, I’ll give you a couple more pages to guess.

Also, bit of insight: I use an astounding amount of Yiddish for a Gentile. However, I may or may not be deploying it correctly in all cases here. Some may ask: “Why, Mace? Why does Clara use so much of it?” Now, given Bear’s given name, it makes sense he might use it, but why her? Well, recall that SHIPHRAH, our eponymous genie for which this series is named, means “Beautiful” or “improved” in Hebrew. So if you were thinking she might be a Persian genie… you might be mistaken. 😉 then again, among the Djinn, matters of faith may seem relative, given… you know, immortality and magic and stuff. At any rate, for those of you who went to this rodeo last time around, you all know WHY those two, seemingly unrelated items are actually related. For the rest of you… you’ll be pleasantly surprised 😉


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