Well… thanks pretty much solely to DarkCalx, and a few dollars from 4 other submitters (EVERY dollar counts, people. I hope you all enjoyed the gift images! :D), we have our first XXX edition of Ship in a Bottle on its way. Now. As to actual TIMING… that’s going to be interesting. Some of you may not be aware of this, but I am vying for the illustrator slot on “The Magnificent Milkmaid” by White Lightning Publishing. It’s no big “secret”, but it’s not official that I have the job yet. There’s this matter of an assignment that I was handed THREE YEARS AGO by their editor and owner Kris Overstreet that I must complete first. Plus… gosh dangit… I told Tira to take a break due to her recent troubles and pick up with page 11. (which will go up next Friday with a HOPEFULLY Monday update of my own, i.e. page 10). So… I’m in a small pickle!

I’ll figure it out, folks. But if you her lots of Tourette’s-esque swearing and breaking of glass and small objects behind the scenes here, as always, I urge you to PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN. *cough* That is all, my friends. And thank you so much!