Clara has it all figured out.

Speaking of “figuring things out”, I will go back to posting these weekly starting immediately. the Patrons paid for it, the Patrons should GET it. In a timely manner. I’ve been off working on a film project on the “legitimate” side of my enterprises, so that’ why you have not seen much of me. Plus, various problems with my “day job”. Also, keep an eye on KND. You just got FOUR updates of Ship, you’re about to get SEVEN weeks of KND roughly TONIGHT.


As always, join the Patreon and maybe help us update on time! For March, I will be changing up the order of operations. Keep us flush at $600/month, or, God forbid, get us up to $800, you get TWO pages per week of Ship + TWO pages per week of KND. Peppermint Saga is kinda on “indefinite hiatus” again, as is BGR while we regroup. Also, anyone know what happened to Prettío? Last we left it in December, everything was peachy, now she won’t take my calls. She’s also been kinda quiet on social media. We were talking about doing BGR together after Chapter 10 (which still lays incomplete… ;_; ), and then… poof! I hope she’s ok.